Motorbike Care: How to Make your Motorcycles Last Longer

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance – Oil Change.

There are some basic things that we all can do to maintain our bikes. We all like to go for a ride and enjoy the open road, sometimes with friends, or that special someone, and often we need to just get out and feel the power by ourselves. Most of us also enjoy tinkering with our bikes.

Basic maintenance is something we all can do, and it helps us to better understand the workings and extend the life significantly. Once we master the basics, we will feel more confident about tackling bigger projects.

Oil Change: In order to keep our engines healthy, we need to change the oil.

Many factors must be considered when determining when it is due. We recommend always following manufactures recommendations. Mileage can range from every 2000 miles up to 10,000 depending on engine, type of oil used, how your bike is driven, and time. It is good to have the oil warm, not hot when you drain the crankcase. Position a container under your bike to catch the oil and remove the oil plug and allow the oil to drain out. If the oil looks like it will spill onto the frame, cover that area with foil to allow the oil to spill out without making for extra unnecessary clean up. Once the oil pan is empty, replace the oil plug, making sure it is snug, but not over tightened. Locate the oil filter and remove. Prior to attaching the new filter, whip a thin layer of oil over the seal. Then thread the new filter back in place and tighten by hand only. Now it is time to replace the oil. Add fresh oil to the crankcase using the quantity as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Once it is full and it has had a couple of minutes to drain down to the bottom, check the dipstick to confirm the you have added the correct amount.  Once you have completed and checked for any oil underneath the bike, start your engine and monitor your oil pressure.  Run at idle for about 5 minutes while monitoring the oil pressure. After you do this test run, recheck the oil level as well as be sure to check your oil pan plug and filter for any evidence of leaks. We also recommend keeping close watch on the oil pressure on your next ride.

Check our future blogs for other basic maintenance items we can all do to keep our bikes ready for our next ride!

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