Motorbike Care: Air Filter Replacement

Air is essential for combustion. Your bike needs air, lots of air, clean air. The purpose of the air filter is obvious, as it keeps dirt out of your engine. 

The air filter should be changed whenever you change the oil, and more often if you are riding gravel back roads or trails or dusty areas. Replacing the air filter is a simple process. Getting to the filter is not always that simple. Sometimes you will need to remove the seat and or loosen the gas tank to get to it, but once you have done this process once or twice it will become second nature. 

You can replace your filter with a new OEM filter or maybe you want to consider a new High Flow Air Filter, such as one made by K&N. A high flow air filter does exactly what the name suggests. The filter has less restriction in the airflow as it filters the air. This will increase the combustion and the horsepower of your machine. It may very well be worth the added expense. 

Once you replace the filter, but sure to reattach all the parts removed or loosened to get to the filter, and you are good to go. Look twice and drive safely! 

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