• Motorbike Care: Air Filter Replacement

    Air is essential for combustion. Your bike needs air, lots of air, clean air. The purpose of the air filter is obvious, as it keeps dirt out of your engine.  The air filter should be changed whenever you change the oil, and more often if you are riding gravel back roads or trails or dusty areas. Replacing the air filter is a simple process. Getting...
  • Motorbike Care: How to Make your Motorcycles Last Longer

    Basic Motorcycle Maintenance – Oil Change. There are some basic things that we all can do to maintain our bikes. We all like to go for a ride and enjoy the open road, sometimes with friends, or that special someone, and often we need to just get out and feel the power by ourselves. Most of us also enjoy tinkering with our bikes. Basic...
  • Triumph and Humble Beginnings

    Triumph has a well-known history with motorcycles. Triumph Cycle Company started in 1883 producing sewing machines and bicycles. In 1902 Triumph started the production of motorcycles. Innovative from the start, new models came with a variable pulley to help with difficult inclines. To change gears, the rider would have to come to a complete stop, get off the bike, and moves the belt by...
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